Teme propuse

Study and research topics at the bachelor, masters or PhD level.


1. Indoor radio localization system based on deterministic and probabilistic methods
2. Data aggregation nethods for wireless sensor networks
3. Multi-level sensor fusion in complex monitoring systems
4. Consensus-based data processing
5. Integrated virtual environment for collaborative WSN-UAV simulation


  1. Intelligent techniques for rotating components evaluation in mechanical structures – collaboration with Asti Automation
  2. Decentralized control of a conveyor belt system – collaboration with Asti Automation
  3. Ecologic monitoring with wireless technologies and virtual instrumentation
  4. Efficient methods for low-cost gas sensors calibration
  5. Analytic and experimental modeling of low-power wireless communication in challenging radio environments
  6. Remote process monitoring thorugh iOS mobile terminals
  7. Integrated gateway for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  8. Virtual instrumentation systems with distributed communication